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Re-entry Permits and Directions to the Immigration Office

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Kumamoto City

096 362 1721


Here are the directions to the Kumamoto City Immigration Office (入国管理事務所 nyuukoku kanri jimusho) where all the fun re-entry permit business takes place.  Keep in mind that if you are lost, few Japanese people will know where this office is, as they have likely never visited it before.  If you get lost call the PAs or ask someone where the Daini Goudou Chousha building is.


BRING:  Passport, Foreign Registration Card, ¥3000 or ¥6000 depending on which permit you decide to apply for (single use or multiple use).  Your supervisor or someone who speaks Japanese may be handy to bring along, but most people can get by on their own using English.


BY TRAM or BUS (from downtown): 

Get on the tram or bus in downtown Kumamoto heading for 健軍 Kengun (buses bound for 県庁 Kenchou or 水前寺公園 Suizenji Park will also work).  You ride through 通町筋 Torichousuji (Parco Ball) and 水道町 Suidouchou and over the river away from the castle.  Get off at the first stop across the bridge – 九本時交差点 Kuhonji Kousaten on the busline and the tramline.


Once you get off the tram or bus, you will notice a major intersection in front of you.  From the bus stop, walk toward the intersection and turn left.  From the tram stop, go to the right from the pedestrian overpass.


After turning off of Densha Douri (streetcar line), the first landmark you will see is an outdoor store called Sherpas on your left.  This sign is blue and written in English.  This tells you that you are going the right way.  Keep walking past the NTT Hospital (on left) and a fire station and school (on right). 


After the fire station, walk a few more blocks to the next large intersection.  Here the road opens up and veers off to the right.  There is a tiny park.  At this intersection, turn right and start up the slight hill.  The immigration office is on the 4th floor of the large white building on your right.  This building is called the Daini Goudou Chousha 2合同庁舎. The main entrance is off of the parking lot.


It should be about a 15-20 minute walk from the tram or bus stop to the immigration office.


DRIVING (from downtown): 

On Densha Douri (streetcar line), drive away from the castle.  After passing the Parco on your right and crossing the bridge over the river, turn LEFT at the first large intersection (there is a small stoplight immediately across the bridge, but you want the bigger intersection with the pedestrian walkway and signs for the Kyushu Expressway/Kumamoto IC).   Continue straight past the NTT hospital (on left) and the fire station and school (on right).  Get in the right turn lane and turn right at the next large intersection (with signs for the Prefectural Theater).  After you make the right turn and start up the small hill, immediately signal and turn into the parking lot of the large white building on your right.  This building is called the Daini Goudou Chousha 2合同庁舎.  The immigration office is on the 4th floor of this building.


AT THE OFFICE:  Go to the 4th floor for the immigration office.  Fill out a form (in English) to apply for the permit.  We recommend you apply for the Multiple Permit, which is valid for the remainder of your visa (3 years for new JETs) and costs ¥6000.  The Single Permit costs ¥3000 and is valid for only one trip out of the country.  The person behind the desk will give you another form and take your passport.  They will tell you to go and pay for some stamps at a window downstairs on the 2nd floor.  After buying the stamps, go back to the initial office and trade the stamps for your newly stamped passport.  If you paid for a multiple permit, check to make sure it says Multiple Permit before leaving. 

You can download and fill out the application form in advance here (pdf and excel format): www.moj.go.jp/ONLINE/IMMIGRATION/16-5.html


TIME FRAME:  The whole process should take about 30-45 minutes.  It can take longer or shorter depending on the day.  The immigration office takes applications Monday – Friday from 9:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 16:00.


NOTE:  A re-entry permit is necessary if you leave and re-enter Japan during your period of stay. If you leave Japan without obtaining a re-entry permit, the Status of Residence on your visa will automatically be forfeited and you will not be allowed to re-enter Japan.  Please be sure to get this re-entry permit as soon as possible in case you have to return home for some emergency.  In such an event the last thing you want to think about is your re-entry permit. 


Questions?  Give us a ring at the Tourism and International Exchange Office or the Prefectural Board of Education, or send an email to kumamotopa@gmail.com



Q. I have a new passport because my old passport expired.  Do I have to visit the Immigration Office to transfer my visa and re-entry permit?

A.  It is not necessary if you will keep your old passport with your new passport at all times.  We recommend, though, that you do visit the immigration bureau to have them transfer the visa and re-entry permit.  You can do this by taking both your old and new passports to the immigration bureau and filling out a Petition for Transfer of Endorsement form (証印転記願 しょういんてんきがん).


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