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Don't have a license?  Getting a scooter license is a good option.


Important: An AAA international license will not permit you to drive a scooter unless you have note on the license saying 'permission to drive two-wheeled vehicles'


Getting a Japanese Scooter License


Have someone arrange an appointment for you.


You have to take a scooter laws written test, which is in English, and then a full day class in Japanese (costs 7000 yen, pretty fun class, actually). If you understand intermediate Japanese, you can fake your way through the class.


To prepare for the written test you should ask your tantousha to get you a book called 'The Rules of the Road', which is in English.  I can't remember what the Japanese name is, but just have her call the Menkyo Center (driver's license office), and then she can ask them for an English guide to preparing for the scooter test.


The written test isn't too hard, but you would definitely fail it if you didn't study.  You have to answer questions about things like the number of centimeters that a package is allowed to hang off your scooter and stuff like that.


If you have a domestic license, you can bring it, but you probably won't need it.  The reason is you're not converting your current license, you're just getting a TOTALLY NEW limited license for scooters.  It's just as if you were a Japanese teenager


The Menkyo Center is in Kikuyo Town, just north of Kumamoto City.

It is on the same road as the Prefectural Athletic Park (Park Dome/KKWing). Buses leave from platform 14 of the Kotsu Center (main bus terminal) at 8:37, 9:13, 9:28, 10:05, and 10:40. They should say “driver’s license center” on the front.

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