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Visas after JET

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Your Japanese Visa

First and Second-Year JETs – 1st and 2nd year JETs with a valid 3-year visa can generally remain in Japan for short-term sightseeing or packing without having to change visa status, provided that you DO NOT work.  For people who wish to work, please see the Continuing Work in Japan section below. 


Third-Year JETs – The standard JET visa is valid for 3 years, so your visa will likely expire on, or within days of the end of your term of appointment.  If your visa will expire before your term of appointment ends for some reason, you must extend your current working visa in order to fulfill the term.  If your visa expires on or a few days after your term of appointment ends, and you want to have extra time to pack, say farewell, travel, etc. you will need to apply for a 90-day “temporary visitor” visa.  DO NOT risk being in Japan for even one day without a valid visa.  Immigration will check your visa before you leave, and you don’t want to be arrested and subsequently banned from visiting Japan again.             


Getting a Temporary Visitor Visa

To apply for a temporary visitor visa you will need to go to the Immigration Office in Kumamoto City (the same place you went for your re-entry permit).  We recommend that you get this taken care of as soon as you can.  In the past, JETs have been told that they cannot apply for a temporary visitor visa more than two weeks before their current visa expires. Also, some JETs are asked to make a second trip to the Immigration Office to pick up the visa. Please call the Immigration Office before you go to confirm when you may apply and what the procedure will entail.


You will need to bring:

  • Your passport.
  • Inkan
  • Alien Registration Card
  • 4000
  • Documentation showing the last day of your term of appointment (in Japanese).


Fill out the Application for Permission to Change the Status of Residence form (短期資格変更許可申請書 tanki shikaku henkou kyoka shinseisho).  Confirm with the office that the change will not go into effect until after the expiration of your JET term of appointment.  You will likely be asked to make a second trip to the Immigration Office later (usually after the final day of your term of appointment) to get your visa.


NOTE: If you allow your visa to expire and try to leave the country, immigration will detain and interrogate you at the airport.  You will probably be fined and deported.  If you miss your flight, you will be responsible for paying for a new ticket home.  Also, you may be indefinitely banned from returning to Japan.  Please, DO NOT ALLOW YOUR VISA TO EXPIRE.


Continuing Work in Japan

If you would like to continue working in Japan post-JET, and your new position does not fall under the residence status on your current visa, you will have to apply for a new visa status.  For ALTs, your residence status should read, “Instructor,” and for CIRs, your residence status should read, “Specialist in Humanities/International Services.”  Earning money in Japan in any way that is not provided for under your residence status is illegal.  This is true even if your JET visa has not yet expired.  Please note that teaching at an eikaiwa school does not fall under the rubric of “Instructor.”  For more information, please contact the Kumamoto Immigration Office directly (Japanese only):


Tel. 096-362-1721 

Hours: M-F, 9:00-12:00, 13:00-16:00

Address: 熊本県熊本市大江3丁目 534F

Directions: See map on p.5


For English help, please call:

Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau: 03-5796-7111

Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau: 06-4703-2100

Yokohama Regional Immigration Bureau: 045-661-5110


Visa                                                       ビザ                                biza

Expire                                                    切れる                             kireru

Temporary visitor visa                             短期滞在ビザ                  tanki taizai biza

Immigration Office                                  入国管理局                      nyuukoku kanrikyoku


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